Download here the full distribution (40ko) with these web pages included
Original French version here!

New ! : version 0.3
Small bugs solved (it works now on Palm IIIc OS3.5)

version 0.2
Small flag added into the Address List View to show the Addresses that have an X-Face !

Table of Content

X-Face AddressBook Hack

Attention, this software is currently in version BETA, i.e. it was not completely tested in situation; it seems relatively stable (tested on emulator and real machine IIIx), but requests still some tests

How to install/use this Hack ?

You should first of all use either HackMaster (Shareware recoverable here ) or its free copy (but more capricious?) EvPlugBase .

Then, to install the small following program (choose one of the two languages) Attention, version BETA!!

Now activate this hack in Hackmaster/EvPlugBase :
and eventually change its preferences (clic on the little +) :
  • Automatic picture display : to automatically display the X-Face when there is one inside the record showed. If not checked, a little button will let you manually show it
  • Greyscale if possible : to display the image with a (very little) greyscale smoothing
    When this button is checked, two scales will appear and permit to vary the darkness of the greys used.
  • In the Address List View, the little Note symbol (extreme right) is replaced by a little «i» to indicate there is an X-Face inside the Record.
    • Here, «Laurent Pasquer» has an associated picture,
    • But not «Taok» which hasn't a note field,
    • Nor «Support technique» that has a note without X-Face inside !
    When you consult a record, if it has an X-Face field in its Note
    If Automatic picture display was checked, the picture is automatically displayed ; a little clic on it will hide it.
    If Automatic picture display was not checked, a small icon appears next to the menu bar (small «i») ; un little clic on it will display the picture.

    Importation of X-Faces

    For the moment, the importation can be done only manually: use one of the programs below on another platform which your Palm, then transfer the small piece resulting from the convertion towards your Palm (via HotSync or infra-red or different).
    For those which want to only test, here some examples of X-Faces .

    Is a module of convertion on Palm in project, but A-you it a large interest? (importation of images DiddleBug/FireViewer / PalmPix???)

    Constraints to be respected

    So that the small piece X-Face is recognized by X-Face AddressBook Hack, it should be put in a note associated with the good person in your AddressBook.

    Two solutions are possible:

    1. (simplest) put the end of text in ALL END of note:
       X-face:  4TJ^bV{9ÛPO1, E~)VL <~'rwgD]}\91`|0Fd#k-iRsh[HaR&k<=[3> 2Db$ & 5` /
      1ZFZZncMhE4*öNP, C{>"N4Cn
      The significant one being that it is the last annotation text (spaces and ends of line do not have importance)
    2. If not, if you want to put text AFTER this piece, just insert a wide character (of code>128) after this piece (for example é or À or ç):
       X-face:  4TJ^bV{9ÛPO1, E~)VL <~'rwgD]}\91`|0Fd#k-iRsh[HaR&k<=[3> 2Db$ & 5` /
      1ZFZZncMhE4*öNP, C{>"N4Cné
      remain note, the character é just above announces the end

    Small consulting of ergonomics: while waiting for a module of convertion/importation, to indicate which contact has a X-Face, thus add a special character at the end of the its name (#@...), you will know about the list which is visible.

    Utilities not PalmOS to manage X-Faces

    Central information repository for X-Faces

    Principal file: X-Faces, Picons...

    Programs for Microsoft Windows (c)

    My program to create an X-Face from jpg/gif/bmp

    download the binary
    It is a modified version of CImage 1.4, a little free program from Julian Smart (father of wxWindows !).
    For now, only images 48x48 pixels can be converted (use another software to reduce your pictures ; or if you're a good guy, add this feature into its sources) ; the color or greyscales images are automatically «binarised».

    Another one, impossible to use ?

    Programs for various Un*x

    To manage its X-Faces in line of command: original software compface (use it with the following scripts: xbm2ikon and ikon2xbm)
    To manage its X-Faces under Linux/RPM
    To manage its X-Faces under Linux/deb

    Programs for MacOS

    To create X-Faces under MacOS

    Or the Shareware (30$ for EU citizen, 35$ elsewhere) GraphicConverter.

    Laurent Pasquer
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